Replacing USB cable on stick

So, I was trying to replace the USB cable on my HRAP, but when I cut the replacement cable open, I saw that it was missing a ground line. Do I need this? or can I just tie it to one of the terminals on my barrier strip?

Pictures please. The black wire is ground, the controller would have never functioned without it.

My stick definitely has the ground wire, but my replacement USB doesn’t have one.

Like PresidentCamacho said, take a picture of the cable, and we be better equipped to help you out.

Some real cheap cables use the foil shielding as a ground “wire”.

I suggest using a different cable.
Avoid the dollar store bargain cables, they aren’t worth it.
Cheap, high quality USB cables are available on line if you are willing to look

I often use monoprice cables myself.

Also consider getting a USB passthough, its a bit a work now to install but they make things easier down the road.