Replay Channel problems


A few days ago while playing Super Street Fighter 4, my PS3 froze. I had to shut it off and after I did for some reason I had to reset my PS3, and renew my playstation network accounts. When I turned SSFIV on again and played some matches on endless battle, I noticed of all the matches I played, only 1 of about 15 had saved. Not only did my matches not save, and neglect to push my old matches towards the bottom, replacing those with the new ones, but the one match that saved was at the very bottom instead of the top. I need to know why my matches no longer save and also how I can get this fixed. Thanks


I’ve never heard of this happening before.


Its possible that the matches are not saving due to the PS account, when you say renewed what stated you must do this? Unless your talking about playstation plus which isnt related to SSFIV