Replay Help.

I felt this was the best place for this thread…

Anyways… I have been recording some matches recently on my Kawaks. And now curious how i can turn them into media files.

Right now…i have to send the little RC files…and have people put them into their Kawaks folder…then load kawaks…then load the game…THEN watch them…

Kinda sucks…

So yea, Id like to know some ways of making the replays…into files you can just watch on a media player or something.

So any help would be nice

Thanks :slight_smile:

I really dont know anything besides SnagIt that will work for ya.

Whats Snagit??

A Software or a Hardware???
Does it capture?

and where can you find it?


google fool.

ok snag it is getting the video…but i cant seem to get the audio of my replays using SnagIt.

The only thing i see is “Record Audio” but only from a mic…

any options that i should be using that i cant seem to find?

Sorry man, I dont know, I used it like once and a friend used it to record his KOF combo vids. I know nothing about it.

its koo TG. thanks for all the help tho :slight_smile: