Replay Problem


As we all know, Able to save replays on a fighting games are great.
It’s also amazing that you can save replays from Versus mode.

But the thing that bothers me when watching them is the player names… Where the hell is it?
Don’t you think it gets confusing if you’re the 1st player of the 2nd player?

Just imagine a mirror match, I don’t think anyone can remember every input they’ve done on the game to know that’s them.

This also applies when saving a pubic replay data (From the rankings).

Patch please. :confused:


dont online replays have names? like bob vs sam and the 1st name always being p1?


Nope, It’s that or I’m blind.
I didn’t recall seeing names.


Another issue with replays is that if you save a replay online that had any hiccups during online play (where it stops and says 'Synchronization"), it can possibly ruin the replay. I have a replay where, because of those issues, the characters just stop mid-fight, and go into a round that never actually happened in the fight, then they just stand there during that round.


Haha, thats great. The comments on this game keep getting better and better…