Replay Weirdness

Ok, last night me and some friends were playing some wacky system direction 3s matches. Anyway, one of the matches was REALLY close and we decided to save the replay so we could watch it later. When we watched the replay the first time, the ending was totally different (so different that the person who had originally lost, won!). After watching the replay about 20 more times, it seemed random whether it played the original or not.

I guess it just saves inputs instead of actually recording. But why would certain moves be different when watching a replay? system direction maybe?

*the only difference between the original match and the alternate we can see is in the last 5 seconds. But within those last 5 seconds or so, things are totally different.

Also, we watched another replay save and halfway through the replay, both characters just stopped and stood there. We had watched the replay before several times and this had never happened.

It’s a common problem with the NA version of PS2 3S. Pretty much every replay I’ve ever recorded plays back differently, or the characters start off okay but then stand there doing nothing for the latter half. Allegedly the Japanese version didn’t have this problem.