Apologies if this is something that has been answered in another topic. I did search, but obviously ‘replay’ brings up loads of topics.

Basically, I wish to know how replays are selected for upload. I’ve been given the option once now, and have no idea why it suddenly occurred. More importantly, at the start and end of every match, I see what looks like a film reel next to each characters name, which usually glows with a different colour each time. It was red when it gave me the option to upload. Can anyone tell me more about that symbol? I’ve googled and not had any luck.

The film reel symbol changes from nonexistent to red as you beat online opponents of the same or higher rank (D, C+, B, whatever). When you net 3 wins in a row, as long as they’re equal rank or higher, you get the option to upload. I think that’s it!

Thanks! I’ve been puzzling over this for a week.

that’s what I thought.

Well after some more fighting, it seems that this is how it works, loosely. I won 5 matches in a row but some were to D+ and I’m C rank. I still didn’t get the option to upload.

Now I have an even bigger question. Is it possible to backup your local saved replays? I play on two PCs and have replays saved on both. Now I have the dilemma of working out how to get both sets of replays on one PC. I know I could record the fights, but I’d really like to have the client versions too.

i was told that you get a yellow reel for beating someone and a red real for beating someone with a yellow reel… im prob wrong tho lol