Replying with Gifs/no content


So it seems lately everyone wants to be RockB. Don’t.
RoninChaos and I are discussing ways to improve discussion around here. You guys replying with a jpeg/gif or a few words is the intellectual equivalent of having a class room full of down syndrom kids you finally have taught the basics of trigonometry and some dude just yells “LETS WATCH SCOOBY DOO INSTEAD!”

Now size is no tell on content.
For example:
“Hey Sovi3t, on a scale of 1-10, what’s the average looks of the girls you boink?”

See, no further answer is needed. But shit like
"Yooo OTT is retarded!"
“LOL gif of Doom smashing his gonads

Not so much.

Please guys, we live in times where “lawl you <3 Cawk” gets more likes than “Domination 101”. I can’t ask you guys to keep the discussion intelligent because Lord knows that would be a lie, but let’s not let it get worse.

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