REPORT: You're not owed any UMvC3 character

Destructoid has uncovered some mindblowing news that will shock and awe the gaming community – we have discovered, through serious JOURNALISM, that Capcom does not owe you Mega Man or any other character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

“It’s been an open secret for a long time,” said an industry figure who is definitely not made up. “When we make a videogame, we don’t need permission from fans to put in the characters we want. If Capcom wants to include Firebrand and not Mega Man, based on what will make a more balanced videogame, it can do that, because Capcom’s making the game. Not the fans.

Our reports show that at least 75% of fans don’t understand that they are not executive producers for the videogames they like, and as such, have no creative control. Studies indicate they also fail to grasp that if their favorite Capcom character isn’t considered good enough for UMvC3, that’s something the industry calls “Tough Shit.”

We’ll have more on this breaking story as it develops, including reports that Capcom isn’t holding a gun to anybody’s cock and forcing them to buy UMvC3 if they don’t like it.

QFT. Some of you guys here thinking that you are “entitled” to your favorite character and not giving chances to the ones you don’t want make me shake my head. It’s completely fair for you to play only the characters you like but it’s pure selfishness for you not to want others to play the characters you don’t like. How many of you guys actually cared about Captain Commando or Strider before the first 2 MvC games?

lol as if anyone didn’t know this. People are still gonna scream for who they want anyway since there’s a better chance of things getting into the game if they do ask/demand than if they don’t.

this still doesn’t excuse Thanos getting snubbed for Rocket Raccoon

but rocket raccoon can ahvb

Why is this a thread?

Because you have heard of Rocket Raccoon before he was announced for UMvC3? You know clearly how badass/not badass he was in the comics? Why don’t you at least give him a chance to show how good he can be in the game before hating him?

I just want captain planet is that too much to ask for?

Phoenix Wright is going to be in UMvC3.
I’m just gonna leave that right there.

It doesn’t matter how badass he is, people just look at the fact that he’s a Raccoon that got in over thier favourite character. I never heard of Dormammu before but as soon as I saw him I thought he was badass and decided to main him straight away. I’m not salty at RR being in though because I’ve been blessed with getting a lot of characters that I wanted in the game anyway. It’s so easy to not care who else got in when you got your shit, which is why I can sympathise with people not getting their favourites in the game.

And he still has a point…

I don’t get this. Didn’t they plan on adding him before everyone’s vaginas exploded about his exclusion in Vanilla?

I think that article is pretty deserving of a thread. At least for me; I’m the only person among my friends not complaining about the exclusion of Mega Man. Albeit, the majority of my friends are Sony elitist who commonly curse and judge a number of games upon learning a tid-bit of info on it so I’m not surprised. But I digress.

If we’re not allowed to request favorites as loyal customers, and their reasoning is so they can balance the game, then why the hell is it obvious which characters they favored (spent more time on) over others? I mean come on, Hsien-Ko is a liability to your team and once you Hyper Armor her up, you’re just going to see beams tearing her a new one left and right. Her one useful trait doesn’t even begin to compare to say… A Tron assist or just putting Wolverine on your team instead. And to take it even further, what about Deadpool? who is great at keep away, but downright terrible with combos and damage output. Good luck connecting that OTG without hit-stun deterioration kicking in. Might as well replace him with Wesker seeing as he does all of that, but better.

Though… My biggest beef is definitely the Zero addition. If they wanted someone besides Megaman, fine, but don’t go using the Zero from the MEGAMAN X series to do that. If you recall in Megaman X3, with the correct parts and all of the life upgrades/sub tanks found, you would be able to call Zero prior to a certain boss and watch as he dies. Before his death, he gives X his Saber and says some dribble about how awesome X is. With Zero’s Saber, and a better BLASTER, it completely baffles me as to why Capcom would include Zero. X had more determination, he didn’t die to a crappy mini-boss, and he rapes Sigma each and every time. So why the hell Capcom, WHY THE HELL DID YOU INCLUDE ZERO OVER X3 MEGAMAN?

On the other hand, instead of shadowing Megaman by using the Zero version from the Megaman X series, they could have just used the version from the Zero series (On the GBA). It’d make so much more sense, and they’d finally be able to get rid of that shitty Ichigo voice actor because just like Megaman, Zero hardly ever talked in that game (I think he talked in Zero 2 and the rest after that, which I thought was stupid).

I don’t know if entitled is the right word, when people have to pay for something…twice, they kinda expect certain things to be included, as this is a fighting game between two companies, I think it’s fair to expect their respective flagship characters/franchises to be represented, but hey at least the MegaMan universe is being repped by two characters, unlike Spiderman who only has himself. I’m pretty salty they give the X-Men like 8 characters, the Avengers get a few and a couple villains while Spidey’s all alone (I guess he’s an Avenger to some degree.)

I’m just happy I get Ghost Rider, I was so bummed when I found out he never made it into vanilla, seeing as he’s my favorite Marvel character. Also after finding out Nova was in the game, I did a little research on him and Goddamn I can’t wait to use him, I think I’m the only one haha haven’t seen anyone even mention his name…guess Strider and Rocket Raccoon are eclipsing everyone else ha.

So I definitely sympathize with people that didn’t get that character they wanted coughvenomcough Hopefully capom will add maybe 2-4 more characters as DLC down the road and give the really popular characters that never made it some love.

Nothing posted from Destructoid should be taken seriously.

People being vocal about what characters they want in can do nothing but help get those characters in the game.

Phoenix Wright being included is probably the best example of all. He initially wasn’t on Capcom’s radar since while popular, he’s not exactly tailor made for a fighting game. He was one of the most requested characters going all the way back to TvC, and as a result he finally made the cut in UMvC3.

For all of those who are upset Megaman X didn’t get in, the best thing they can do (which is what they have been doing), is bring up their displeasure in every conceivable format. Because if nothing else, it indicate to Capcom that there’s an incredibly strong demand for this character, and thus said character would be a good DLC choice (people are more likely to buy DLC of things they want strongly).

Persistence is generally key in these matters. Given the huge uproar to no Megaman, it wouldn’t surprise me if some form of Megaman has been bumped up to being priority DLC for UMvC3 - because unlike jill/shuma, there’s an incredibly clear demand for him at this point.

The vast majority of the video game press is bad. If we start demanding that no one post from bad journalist, we might as well never link any article at all.

What’s funny is that Capcom doesn’t include Mega Man X in UMVC3 because they supposedly don’t need any input from the fans, but then they say they cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 because they weren’t getting enough input from fans. :looney:

I only hope that someone at Capcom truly wanted an AHVB rep and will give it to Rocket Raccoon.
Because Marvel probably said “Cable? Hell no!”

Mega Man’s inclusion arguably would have set loads of fanboys straight (and possibly ++profit), but eh… if Capcom wants to kill the franchise, so be it.
Silence the haters.

Condescending bs, imho.