Reporter and cameraman killed on air in Virgina

This is wild. @RockBogart watch yourself.

Unless of course Rock is behind it all…

Fucking unreal.

is he gonna kill himself or go out guns blazing

Update. Apparently law enforcement is pursuing the suspect down I-64 and “arrest is imminent”


everybody gets shot tho

Holy christ, i have nothing funny to say. That is just unfortunate. Wrong place at the wrong time.

Wow, that’s nuts. RIP to the victims.


the shooter put a vid of on twitter: @bryce_Williams7

Twitter already suspended the account. Just screenshots now. He said that alison made racist remarks and still got hired, and the other dude worked with him once, and then went to HR on him. Apparently he might still be posting on his facebook. Yikes.

Update. It’s looking like he might have possibly switched vehicles. Was reported in a silver Mustang now there’s talk of a Chevy Sonic with different tags.

“Silver Chevy Sonic Tag VGM-5384 - Comes back to a rental vehicle out of Enterprise. Working to confirm color. Gray or silver…”

this is too wild

Just saw the video that he filmed on liveleak. At one point about 15 seconds before he fired the gun, he pulled it out and pointed it the girl, but her and the older lady were so into their interview that no one even noticed. They probably just figured he was some random, filming the interview with his phone. He didnt say anything either, just started bucking.

Apparently the girl he shot use to date the shooter. So disgruntle employee, and scorned ex. Damn bruv

Oneitis in progress. This shit is fucking nuts.

Archive of tweets

Still early, but it seems the suspect has shot himself near Front Royal. Hasn’t been confirmed yet…

This would explain the increased police…

He dun shot himself.