Reports on any future fighting games

report any info you have on future fighting games

im waiting on:

super smash bros. brawl
guilty gear xx accent core [need to know if it hits us on the wii]

soul caliber legends
tekken 6

thats all for now

Tekken 6 there is a thread for it already a couple of pages back…the next Smash same thing…same thing for GGAC…search engine…

And it was nice meeting you at North Carolina! :tup:

-Dark Geese

I don’t think he wanted info about the games (the point of the threads you mentioned), but to discuss games he is waiting for.

Well and yeah my thread At the Eye of the Ragin Storm has SNK info etc…we are awaiting on word for KOFXII…

Wait, they still make fighting games?

Yeah, But 2-D fighters have generally run outta steam unfortunately.

street fighter 4

What’s the next Cross over/ VS title coming out besides Smash Bros Brawl?

what the eff is soul calibur legends?

lol, soul calibur legends is not a fighting game. It is an action game.
Soul calibur is now offically dead as a fighting game.

Namco should put this up (SC3:AC)on XBL and PSN.I would’nt mind paying 20$ for it.

stop making worthless threads, thanks

For me, Tekken 6 (intriguing), Virtua Fighter 5 (360), KoFXII (revamp FTW)…


I swear to fucking god people around here have no sense of sarcasm. I either get dead honest responses or neg rep lol to funny, bunch of numbskull’s.

LOL, I know.

Maybe soul calibur legends will turn out like MK: Shaolin monks did. Hopefully namco will also have the brains to continue if it turns out good, unlike the dumb asses in charge of the MK games.

Shaolin monks kicked ass, best MK game in eons, and they probably won’t make another like it.