Repost? Question about Rapid Fire

It’s probably mentioned already, but this whole rapid fire thing… (I think that’s what it’s called?) Is when you charge back, hit forward then back before pressing any punch button right? I was told that this method was called “charge tunneling” and that all the LOVs would come out one after the other off of one charge.

So I practiced it full screen and threw out LOV’s one and another as soon as the first one hit, then around the 4th or so, I guess I was charging them differently? because the rate at which they were coming out was increasing, I was like “WTF?! SWEETNESS!!” And using strong and roundhouse LOVs were inching me forward (Kara’ing with RH as I just read in Everdred’s thread) and sped up the LOV’s rate even more which was even more sweet! But I can only do it randomly, and would like to get this down to a science :badboy: -Sigh, and to think I was one of those people to didn’t like to play Remy because he was boring… :confused:

just throw one and charge a whole other one during the throw animation. then when its about to hit the target toss another.

the window for this is either the moment they have the ability to parry the lov to the actual impact of the lov.

thats one way to start it.

Thanks mate :tup:

ok guys, so how fast do the rapid LOV’s come out? i can get one to pop out as soon as the one before hits…is it possible to get two out at once?
or am i just doing this shit wrong?

okay this is how i got started… end-to-end of screen.
throw any slow LOV (p or k) by doing the jap method. (charge back then forward then back again then punch or kick) when the first one is about to hit, do your next sonic boom. it has to be alternating buttons of course. as soon as the animation for the 2nd one ends, throw the third one then you can you gradually go faster after that and so on. when you get used to the timing, you can do it anywhere. if memory serves me correctly, you can pop 3 sonicbooms from end to end of screen. if you’re up against good players though this won’t be possible. goodluck

u can only have one of each kind of lov on the screen tho. so since there r 4 types…

high/low and the ex versions u cant have 2 of the same kind on the screen at the same time for a rapid fire sequence or the game will recognize this and cancel your lov throw even tho u charged it correctly.

if i remember correctly, when i throw EX booms on the third throw, i can get the whole thing started really fast and progress to a much faster rapid fire sequence. is there some science or math behind this? i’m the purely instinctive type so i really can’t remember half of what i do. all i know is if i get the third one right, the rest is easy unless you mess up.

thanks guys i’ll give it a go.
by the way, nice remy av’s.

good question. if theres anyone who can answer this its ryo chin.

ive been examining the ‘remy advanced’ vid, rapidfire portion, frame by frame. as far as i can tell the first LOV gets a full charge and an immediate dash in upon release. the second gets partitioned by the dash, and also takes a FULL STEP back before the second LOV is released. the third, forth, and fifth only get a half step back.

aint timing a bitch?

hey where can i view this video?
b. :confused:

On combovideos in Tutorial section.
I also saw a match nowdays when some remy player (maybe it was Take… I dunno)Comboed tho EX sonic booms for 4 hits. It was the first time i sam sth like that. So two LOVs can be comboed, but only when you EX them.

u can combo normal lov’s together as well u dont need to ex them. just throw a jab or short one followed by a fierce or roundhouse lov in a rapid fire sequence.

rapidfire is good to test whether ppl are following your lead or not. keeps em on they toes.

if they are doging it with ease, they are following your lead. so stop, cuz theyre catching on. if they are mezmerized by it and avoid it with only a half assed effot they are stuck in their own head…open to suggestion…equals ownage.

I don’t get that whole rapid fire thing, it seems like by the third LOV I can basically start throwing them out immediately after each other, but the first two are the real big problem, they seem to need more charge than the others. Is this right or am I just going crazy?

I think the reason they take less time to charge is partioning.

Umm… let me try something…

Here’s a little depiction:

**|–>-- -->-- -->-- -->–
|-- -->-- -->-- -->-- --> **

" - " = units of charge time.
" > " = LOVs (high and low by position).
Time flows from left to right.
(The key!): LOVs take 4 units of charge time to execute

Do you notice how the LOVs are staggered, but because of partioning, they still build up enough charge time each?

So maybe you’re not crazy. Or maybe i am, I dunno.

Anyhow, I find I need a lot of EX if I wanna keep the rapid fire thing going for any length of time… It doesn’t seem too hard to get around by itself. :confused:

…but I suck balls with Remy too so… i’ll shut up now.

someone get the mods to make this thread a sticky so we don’t get this question again

Hmm very interesting…would you mind going a little more indepth with that?

rapid fire activates easiest when the LOVs hit or get blocked. the block or hit stun allows that much more time to buffer your charges. if they can duck the high ones and UOH the low ones the buffer timing doesnt necessarily change but the risk of throwing the next LOV increases significantly. if they have the presence of mind to avoid the LOVs that way they are probably either waiting for you to do something predictable or make a mistake (throwing out a high LOV after a low one or vis versa or rushing in).

so you charge normally then you hit forward then back then punch or kick right

fuck finally got them down… sweetshit… i’m mean though, i was practicing on xbox rookies. :slight_smile: