Reppin Vega/Claw At EVO 2010, Midwest Championship Series, East Coast Throwdown 2!

Just wondering how many of us in Vega Nation are going to participate in either one of these major tournaments. I already registered and booked the hotels for EVO and Midwest and purchased the airline tickets for Las Vegas, ( I’ll be driving to the Midwest and East Coast). Since the East Coast Throwdown is not too far from my hometown of Queens, NYC, (and I have a sister that stays in New Brunswick, New Jersey which is close to the tournament site), I’m thinking about going for the trifecta.The wife’s gonna be 8 mo. preggers at the time of EVO, so she’s gonna sit this one out and let me go to Las Vegas by myself :smokin:, I have 2 queenbeds at Ceasars Palace just in case a couple of you guys plan on going and want to save money, just let me know. Let’s get hype!

I’ll be at EVO as a spectator. I’ve never been in an official tournament so I think I should start small rather than jumping right into the biggest one in the world haha. My nerves would get to me and I’m sure I would choke horribly. Maybe I’ll see you there though, you’ll have to let me know what pools you’re in and I’ll cheer you on :rock:

I probably wont be able to make it due to financial reasons.

And Duey, you should definitely participate if you’re gonna be there in person. Nervous or not, you’ll never know how well you couldve done. It’ll be fun. You dont wanna regret anything do you?

I’ll be seeing you at Evo, my friend. I’m sharing a room with my Bison buddy and one of his friends, otherwise I’d board with you. It’s gonna be a great time. You all can bet your asses that I’ll be repping Vega.

Ace, we need to have our mirror!

ima be at evo

I’d go if I had the money to head out to EVO. You guys will have to let us know what pools you’re all in. Show 'em some supers! :smiley:

I’m probably going to the east coast throw down. Ain’t too far from philly.

Man, Buddha’s right, you should definitely participate. I played you a couple of times on championship mode and you have an exceptional Vega. As far as choking, you’ll get the gitters out of your system after the 1st round. Not only that but we all can help each other out with matchups and what not and be there during each others matches. I’ll definitely be checking out Jozhear and Tatsu’s matches and supporting them any way I can. Viva la Vega baby!

I’ll see you there gobbler. I haven’t been to Philly in forever man, I’ts not far at all from Jersey. We still have to get some mirror matches in. I’ll probably see you online later on.

I’m all jealous and stuff…I’d love to have a go at EVO. It’d be a right laugh!

Good luck Qbanace and Rugalitarian, Jozhear (Duey go for it!) et al…

I’ll be online tonight Rugs, hopefully we can bump into each other and finally get some games in bro. I’m sorry about the art not being done yet, it’s been hella hectic at the gig and by the time I get out, I end up passing out on the couch. But I promise I will get with my boy, (I think he’s back from Miami), and have him do something really crazy with that background that we talked about. I can’t wait for EVO, you can bet that we’ll leave our mark in Las Vegas! I’m gonna work my ass off when SSF4 comes out and try and be the best Vega that EVO has ever seen, <---- wishful thinking but you never know. I’ll see ya online my friend.

Heh, thanks for the encouragement. Who knows, maybe I’ll sign up for shits… I’m sure I’d embarass myself but it’s not like I have anything to lose by entering. All the Vegas should yodel for each other during matches.

I predict some upsets this year, things are gonna be all shaken up by the new characters and the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of time to get familiar with the matchups after Super drops.

Thanks man. We’ll have to meet up at Evo and have some offline matches or something! Sorry about not being online tonight. I just got off work, and now I’m gonna grab some dinner with my girlfriend. And yes… I’ll be working my ass the night I get SSFIV till the day I play in my first singles match.

Oh wow gonna be some Vega’s in the tournament , right on.

I Planned a vacation around EVO!! First some New York and then VEGAS baby!! I’m gonna come from the Netherlands… thats right from the Netherlands to EVO baby!
I am finishing Final Fantasy 13 this week probably, after that im working my butt off every minute of free time i have :smiley:
I hope to meet you guys there!
I am competing, but i dont expect to come far, but i am going to work hard the coming months and do the best i can! After i get eleminated,ill spectate the awesomeness :smiley:

Played yesterday and am hella rusty at the moment, because of god of war 3 and final fantasy 13 :smiley:

Hey Emersion, I haven’t seen you online in a minute. I’m glad to hear that you’ll be joining us. Man, it sounds like you’ll be doing it big, New York then Vegas, you’re sure to get your fill with those two spots. We’ll definitely have to meet up at the site or even off site if you’re out and about, I’ll have a rental car so I’ll for sure be all over the place. When the time gets closer I’ll get some info from everyone that’s going, we’ll be able to form our own lynch mob :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll see you online sometime Rick, i think that’s what you said your name was, right?

Man, now i feel bad you remember my name, because i dont remember yours! :frowning:
It has been a while, we should definetly play a few matches soon… i remember showing you some vega ropes, but perhaps you have surpassed me now, since i been slacking SF with some other great games being out :smiley:
But soon SF4 and later SSF4 is going to be the only game i play for months!!
We are gonna have to team up in team battle mode a few times!

I read about you having some space in your room, i have been trying to get a discounted room, but they are already full, so if you would have me in your room , i would be happy to be there and share the cost with you!

Of course, I have plenty of space, consider it done. I’m at the Ceasar’s Palace too so it’s very convienient. Oh, btw the name is AL. I’ll send you an invite next time if I see you playing SF4.

Definitely man. Unfortunately my SF4 disc is scratched beyond repair and I can’t play the game again until Super. Looking forward to playing you come the 27th though.

Dam I would like to go, but I doubt I could because of financial reasons. In any case good luck to all you Vega players who will participate.

I appreciate the support kamisama, assasin jay told me about your skills my man, maybe we can get some mirrors in if that’s cool with you. I’ll send you an add.
Emersion: Can you pm me your e-mail addy asap so that I can send you your hotel itinerary with all the info that you need to check in to the room ie. confirmation number, receipt of payment, ect. Also this way I know that you are 100% positively rooming with me and you’ll be able to see that the room has already been paid for and you can rest easy that you have somewhere to go for EVO. Check in is on Thursday July 8, checking out on Sunday July 11. Five Star Hotel!!! I can’t wait!!! They’re gonna remember me after I check out.