Reptar AV request


Can anyone make a prem size Reptar AV? All i’m asking for in it is my name and something cool/unique with Reptar on it.

Thanks a bunch and will + rep :tup:


Ok I feel stupid as hell not providing the picture, so here


Edit: Forgot to mention, but make it a gif if you can.


I’m gonna have a go at this, but for anybody else interested in doing this too, go ahead :].
What’s the file size for premium members, 45.9 KBs?
This is a rough draft, so to say of what I thought would make a good avatar.

If you want something you want changed, tell me now. Like if you’d rather have the lighting be different or something along those lines. The final version will probably be different, but if you like the way it is already, I’ll have to do some changes since it’s file size is 55.6 KBs.


If Reptar could be a little bit green and my font in a fancy style then its all good. But I can wait for you final version, no rush.


If you want something changed just tell me. Also if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. I’m okay with you asking someone else :]


Just put my name on the bottom right with a fancy font and his eyes pulsing red




I like how this one came out. If anything, I’d change the text and put a border on there. Creative thought though.


Thanks Okuma, if my other request isnt as good as yours, ill use it. But I +repped you already


LOL, it’ll probably be better since he actually knows what he’s doing :rofl:
Buy yeah, your welcome.

I loved the lighting on it and it blended really well with the background, but it passed the damn file limit. >[