Reptile Mixups and Punish Combos



Here’s the second Reptile video I made: [media=youtube]dgyYWQeZyM0[/media]

Its shows mixups after Reptile EX-slide and different ways to punish your opponent. Not as good as my first video, but the next will one will be way better. It is going to be all of the highest damage combos so far (Over 56%).


Awesome stuff dude, however, I think the universal rushdown bnb should be [media=youtube]tJAQollfvF4&feature=channel_video_title"[/media] instead, b/c it does 45%/48% with jump in.

But man, plenty of stuff to try during casuals tonight. Good lookin out holmes!


so I like using the basic rushdown w/ jump in 1, 1, 2, 2, FB, 3,2 FB, 3,2,1 slide/ex slide if I do just 3,2 shouldn’t I be able to do ex spit or regular spit?


Don’t you have to put the 1 into the input and then the Spit? Don’t think I’ve ever been able to go 3, 2, Spit but I could just be remembering wrong.


yeah it might be 3,2,1 spit, i’ll give it a try