Reptile's wakeup attack



I’m having some troubles with Reptile’s wakeup slide. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t come out sometimes, which I know is due to my bad execution, it also seems a lot of the time my opponent can knock me out of it with a regular low or medium punch or kick, even when I do the EX version. I’m sure I’m getting the timing at least somewhat right, because it does say ‘wakeup attack’ at the bottom of the screen.

Other characters seem to have a wakeup attack that will always work, such as Ermac’s forcepush.

Is there a difference in timing possible even when the game says ‘wakeup attack’ on screen?
Is there a viable alternative to use as a wakeup attack with Reptile?


The invincibility that covers wakeup attacks is 8 frames. Reptile’s slide doesn’t hit its first active frame until after the invincibility wears off, so it allows him to be hit out of it. This is such a case with a lot of wakeup attacks actually, including Ermac’s wakeup options.

Tech roll, then elbow can work somewhat as a wakeup option, but obviously it is prone to being knocked out of the startup.


Yeah I noticed today that Noob’s wakeups also can be stuffed. But Kung Lao’s spin and JC’s flipkick seem completely invulnerable as wake-up attacks?

I know this is a beginner question but what do you do, then, when an opponent is consistently defeating your wake-up attack with fast normals? I could just block, to stand up defending, but that puts me at a disadvantage against attacks with quick recovery.

After catching me in the corner, a Raiden player can just keep repeating his three-hit kick combo (the one with the third kick being an overhead) and simply destroy me like that.


hmmm as for reptile wake up game, it’s not that efficient that other non reptile players think. his slide is decent against projectile and far range. though put reptile in corner or close range on wake up game, then he might struggle due to his bad wake up game compared to other chars.
the idea is you dont have to wake up attack! learn to wake up quick and block correctly…reptile’s cr+4~ acid hand stuff a lot of things!
so it’s all mind game when it comes to reptile being on the ground.

EX elbow is not a wake up game but any scrub who doesnt Oki right when reptile is on the ground, EX elbow will counter them (wither they block it or not)…and both case you will be 100% safe, wither continuing with pressure or defending and retreating.

Kung lao wake up is not invulnerable at all. you can counter Kung lao’s and noob saibot’s wake up game very easy with a lot of chars. Specially easy with reptile thnx to his EX SFB oki and cr+4 stuff in into wutever u like.

as for the raiden trick, Just regular wake up and stuff in with a fast poke! even better chain d+1~ ex elbow to switch situations(works with the roaster pretty much). Raiden is not a threat at all to reptile


which of reptile’s moves can be used as wakeup for sure? slide & elbow dash only?


A good raiden player that knows what he is doing is a major threat to reptile…


Elbow Slide, then uppercut works aswell. Acid slide is still a little more effective.