Republican Party presidential candidates, 2016


Who does SRK want


Gonna be Jeb, too many old white assholes in the states that believe in name recognition, slavery and are absolutely dumb as fuck.


Hulk Hogan




The head of Richard Nixon


Republican thread?

But seriously, I choose Carly Rae Jepson for my vote. The name alone sounds Republican enough…


Ben Carson


I have no idea who he is


I can’t believe Rand Paul is an afterthought.

Oh wait after the Ron Paul bullshit in 2012, I can.


Where is the “nobody” option?


Man, I wanted to start the Election thread.

Only choice is Trump. The skits are gonna be great.


I chose Rubio, but Ted Cruz is growing on me.

When Trump made those comments about Mexicans, Cruz was one of the few Republican candidates who acknowledged that Trump has a point. Others, like Jeb Bush and Rubio joined the leftist lynch mob in throwing ad-homonyms instead of addressing the actual statement.


Trump was dumb.

He should have said that there is a growing problem of Mexicans criminals that rape, kill, rob, and push drugs south of our borders coming in need to be addressed. the fact that he left it as mexicans is gonna have my people (who are beyond dumb as shit in general) up in arms. Also majority of illegals coming in are low skill workers, and it’s their kids that become an issue, not the illegals themselves.

(There are signs on some Arizona freeways 86 iirc, that state do not sleep here or stay here overnight. Be aware that human traffickers and drug routes go through these areas.) The fact that we have that shit on American roads is testament to what an issue Mexican Cartels are.




Jeb because Jeb!


Donald Trump is going to win.

I bet 5 dollars on it.


let’s get married. I wanna be the first lady.


Torn between Rand and Trump. Rand, please make Trump yo VP. Craziest ticket in history. I actually agree with Rand on alotta shit, tho.


If Trump loses the Republican nomination, he’ll run as an independent and cannibalize the votes and give Hillary and easier time to win. This is Clinton vs. Bush 2.0, with Trump taking over for Ross Perot. History repeats itself. I can’t wait!


You want Hillary to win?


I don’t want any of them to win. Repub or Dem, none of them are worthy of the job.