Republicans Made A Video Game



Omg Giopi <3


I already beat this. The lv. 30 Resurrection spell is top tier since it allows you to acquire the best minion in the game, zombie Reagan. Collecting welfare points was too tedious though, and it really broke the realism for me when I started a business with my own two hands and never once had to claim a tax write off or obtain a transfer to a non-taxable fund. Pfft. So unrealistic. I was, however, still able to claim that everyone can do it, from the ground up, just like I did, even though non-platinum subscribers are level capped at lv. 5 and you can’t start a business without a start-up coupon which is only usable at level 7. It’s still fair though, since there are enough high levels starting up businesses to employ most of the lowbies. The others apparently lack the initiative and I guess they can just pick up welfare points or something. The last boss is a pain though. I’ll spoiler it in case someone hasn’t beaten it yet.


It’s an aborted fetus that gradually eats all your guns and deals damage to you that increases according to how many welfare points you picked up along the way. It crit me for well over 2k damage and I was even wearing a Religious Fanaticism chestpiece and Small Government greaves. Good thing I picked up the Moral Ambiguity node in the Hypocrisy tree. That allowed me to summon capitalists to lobby against the healthcare package that was keeping the fetus alive in the first place and it dealt enough unavoidable damage in medical fees and student loan interest to kill it off before it actually got the minimum wage increased by 5 cents an hour in my home state. Oh, and just so you know, there is a DPS timer on the fight, so you need to beat it quickly or else the gay couple trying to adopt it will spawn and start kissing each other for unblockable crit damage until your group wipes. Took us three tries to figure that out. We almost had it the second time, but our tank (the youth pastor at my church) was too busy watching the gays kissing to dodge the stem cell barrage. :mad:

Over all it’s a pretty good game, but I didn’t get all the achievements so I’m going to start a new game plus, an unopposed reelection run. It’ll be much harder though, since I don’t get to use rigged poling stations, or gerrymander my district into the shape of a penis like I so hilariously did on my first play through. And after that, I’m going for the hardcore setting, where I actually have to run against a minority opponent while fighting a gay sex scandal.

Good luck playing this awesome game, guys! You’re going to need it!



I’ll wait for the Sarah Palin character DLC.


Is it any good?


Stupid concept aside, it’s all down to the gameplay I suppose. I’m not expecting anything good though.


Surprised the GOP would create a 2d platforming vidya game. It’s missing the two principles of American game design: mechanics that automatically play the game for you, and cut-scenes out the butthole.


Is there a premium edition of the game? or time saver dlc?
I’ve worked pretty hard in my life, I shouldn’t be constrained by the same rules as everybody else.
Really, I should just be able to pay for my keys to the senate.


The salt level of the GOP is unbelievable.


As a counter to the subtle snark in here: I hate poor people



I’m not white with two first names. Can I still play this game?


Lets just hope they never figure out how to make a good game…


Can’t wait for Floe to stream this game


In 100% seriousness, this sounds A LOT like the games you’d hear about coming from north korea or china.


or Burger King


giopi is a cute name. but standard fare here… they could have policies that appeal to young voters, but instead they made a video game.


Gee, OP


It’s like the 10’s version of an awkward 90’s rap vid


“My names Mitch McConnell and I’m here to say, that raising the minimum wage is not OK!”


Not sure if this was the best way to appeal to a younger demographic that I notice is becoming less and less conservative as the years go by…