REQ: Anyone have Vewlix pictures?


Earlier today was slamming flickr and google images for some nice big high-res photos of Vewlix cab’s, and it seems every picture i can find is either super blurry, or in some dark arcade blocked by 4 kids, and they’re all really low resolution.

I know it’s an odd request, but if anyone has some nice clean high-res pictures of Vewlix cab’s I’d very much appreciate it.



Step up your google skills…

Vewlix F

Vewlix L


Thanks MarkMan for those links.

I don’t mean to be picky, and I did not specify it in my original post, but I’m looking for actual photos, not brochure photos. Preferably turned on, and higher resolution. Looking for a living breathing examples, not tech diagrams.

Google Searching @ Evo09 amirite? <3