Req: Can somebody please help me print some stickart?

I’ve finally come around to mod my se stick, everything is going fine, i’ve done some moddig before, except for one thing, i can’t find anywhere to print my artwork.

Now you probably think “That’s okey, haven’t you got a kinkos nere where you live?” well i don’t since i live in Sweden, and all i can find is a guy who can print car vinyldecals for me, but i’ve tried those and they turn out to be kind of a pain in the ass to attach and get rid of the airbubbles.

So my question is:

Is there anyone here who lives in the u.s that would be kind enough to maybe go to a Kinkos or Fed-ex office, print and lami-label my custom-art and mail it to Sweden, i know it sounds stupid, but i really like my SE stick now that i’ve modded it, and want it to look as good as i could, and the lami-label method seems to do wonders.

I will pay for everything of course (depending on the cost, i’d like to get som priceinfo first) and pay a little fee for the job of course

This is not a joke (even if it may sound a bit stupid, but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do to get his perfect stick :wink: )