REQ - Flyer Help!

Hey! So, I’m a DJ in philly and I need to make a flyer ASAP for an event but I am not a designer at all and have no photo editing stuff on my computer or anything. The request is INCREDIBLY simple. I scanned a page of Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled and I would like to just white out the text bubbles and write in the information for our DJ gig. I am sure someone here can do that for me super easy (and I’d forever be in your debt!!)

Anyway the info I need on the flyer are as follows

MROOM Frankford and Girard
Every Monday

If I can have Hiptron dance party super large alone the top and bottom and the rest of the info in the bubbles that would be awesome. free entry for LIFE for you.

how this?

Pretty good a couple tweaks tho if i may.

frankford and girard are the crosstreets so i need them together

i need “9-2” on there and if the hiptron dance party letters could be bigger and all white then you’d be my hero :woot::woot: thanks!

I think I got it now