REQ- Hadoken picture

Im looking for a rather large picture of button combination for the fireball. U know, half circle punch, down-forward-punch, etc.

Can be conveyed any which way, whether it shows actual picture of joystick, or just arrows, or 4 symbols. D F P -Fist Symbol.Similar to this

Or if possible someone can enlarge, remove the text below it, and make a rounded edge?Not too good with PS, and i dont think MSpaint can do it. I cant seem to make it bigger w/o keeping the picture looking smooth.

same with this picture

Im looking for a image large enough to screenpress.

do any of you guys have any sf clothing?

thx a bunch, exactly wut im lookin for

actually does anyone have the picture of the fist?

Download a trial version of Adobe Illustrator and trace away.