REQ: MvC2 Silver Samurai Sprite rip

I checked around the links and couldn’t find it. Some of the sites host his CotA stuff but does anyone have a link to his MvC2 sprite rips?

Thanks in advance! :karate:

COTA and MvsC2 sprites of SS are the same thing, man. they’re what you’d call “rehashed sprites”. Capcom is known for this.

i dunno about SS sprites but cota and mvc2 sprites are slightly different in terms of frame-rate and animations. Sentinel for example has like 8-12 frames for his stance but mvc2 only has 2 fucking frames and a different rocket punch… and a different mouth beam…and a different super…i can seriously go on too

do a search for “sprites” in the IMM section and you’ll find a thread linking you to some mvc2 sprites. (u gotta dig around tho)

Cool thanks! I’ll look into it and see if I can find what I need. Any other suggestions will definitely be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You lookin for a specific animation or frame?, i might be able to help.

I wish I had something specific to ask for. You see, I’m trying to create a samurai based character that most fit his particular proportions and looking for inspiration in his key frames. The Silver Samurai is the first guy that popped to mind.

If there’s anyone else that kind of resembles samurai/ninja/sword-wielding martial art type characters, I’m very open to suggestions. Thanks a lot for all the feedback so far. :tup:


That is a hilarious avatar.