Request: 1st co operation cup vid


I was just wondering if anyone knows a site from where I can download all of the 1st co op cup tournament as I have only the finals vid along with all the other major 3s japanese tournament footage and thats the only one missing now.

I know its old but I heard it was even more exciting than co op cup 2 and I found that tourney very inspiring.

A site with a torrent of the whole thing would be preferred. Note: Please do not suggest #gamecombos fserve or goforbrokehub as I haven’t got a clue how to use those (how ever if they are the ONLY two ways I can get this tournament vid then don’t worry).




If you’re too stupid or lazy to even use simple programs such as DC, then you’re not worth putting up a torrent for.


Strongbad, I…nah, I won’t even get into it anymore.

RaJu: Actually there is a site that has it, that’s where I got it from.

Now, you have to register on their forums in order to access the videos. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go here:

  2. Fill in the first five fields. In order they are: Username, Password, Retype Password, E-mail, and Retype E-Mail.

  3. Click the left button at the bottom of the page.

  4. Voila. Click on the “SF3” link on the left side of the main page (above the CvS stuff I think), and you’ll be in their 3s vid collection. Look for the three “Japan 5-on-5 Cup” videos, and you’ll have the whole thing.

Also check out some of the other stuff they’ve got, their EX2+ collection is particularly impressive!

EDIT: The 1st Coop Cup is the best tournament I have ever seen, in any game. This is definitely well worth the effort.



better not

fucking leecher


Thank you Josh-ThefunkDOC.


edmond dude, whats up with the attitude?


Basis take no notice of people like that, there are loads like that around on these forums, maybe they get all moody cause it is that time of the month again or something.

btw thanks for recommending gl0ry for avatars he did a great job of my one as you can see :smiley:


While he was certainly too aggressive in communicating his message, he does have a point. Direct Connect is something you absolutely cannot do without if you’re looking for SF vids. It’s the best.


hey blaze, hows it going?

yeah gl0ry does some bad ass avaters :smiley: . by the way, when do you exams finish raju?


J Blaze: Point taken, I have to admit that yes I should have looked into DC a bit more before I made this request, my bad. But the guy who had a problem could have been a bit more less bad mouth about it (after all I did say if DC or #gcc is the only way to get the vidz then thats ok), it was just a preference I thought I would put in the request. Anyways, no harm done :slight_smile:

Basis: My exams finish next friday, that night I will be in troc for sure (maybe we can have a few matches there?). Then the next week I will text you sometime and we can sort out a time for you to come round my house for some games. :slight_smile:


hell yeah, friday is now THE day to go there… apparently. last week i was there and Peaceman was raping peeps. he had liek 16 win streaks with necros and oros and shit. lol. he took all my money :frowning:


better not

Haha, I see you still haven’t changed.

BTW, I am legitimately running out of HD space again. Almost half of it is tied up with videos of 3rd Strike and speedruns/superplays. I also have the Super Turbo X-Mania, Vampire Savior SBO2 qualifiers, and VF4 Evo Final Tournament videos, which eat up a bunch of space as well. What can I afford to get rid of without being, as you so eloquently put it, a “fucking leecher”?




I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do, it’s your hard drive. However if I were running out of space, I would get rid of bad quality or gameplay vids or vids that nobody would want. I’ve seen people put up text files of what they have on cd that would others to request. I’m curious just how often people are downloading those roms from you. It’s not like you need them to make quota.


Someone succeed to donwload the 1st coop. vid on FightCluB ?
I’ve registered, but I didn’t receive any activation mail of something like that. And when I try to log, it says that i didn’t registered.


It worked for me, you dont need an activation e-mail, once you have registered you can just click back to the front page and you will find that you are already logged in.

However the 3 parts of the video are not dl’ing for me, it keeps starting to dl then it comes up with a crazy dl time left (like 30+ hrs) and then the dl window just dissappears. They are not torrent files btw.


1:30 for me.
Just the part 2.

There’s only 2 parts, right ?
But it’s that’s in .wmv


There are 3 parts. Yeah the 2nd part has (fixed) written next to it maybe that means its the only we can dl. But even that one did about 2% for me then finished, as for the other two parts, they did not do any %.

Might have to use download accelerator or something :\