Request: Animated GIF from YouTube clip

Hey ImageMishmash Guys!

I usually don’t stop by here since I am fairly competent (not compared to you guys!) at making my own avatars. But right now I want to have an avatar from a YouTube clip and have no idea how to do it, lol. Well here is the clip: [media=youtube]FRm2WwVT9Lg[/media].

I want the part at exactly 2:51 where the blue Ken player does crouching jab xx short and the green Ken player red-parries it and does standing fierce into super. I guess it would have to be a loop so it can start with the blue Ken dashing in to up to the super freeze (before any hits).

If at all possible, can somebody make two versions: one where it’s the full screen and another where it’s slightly zoomed in?

I hope it’s not too much to ask and if it’s not feasible then somebody just let me know.

EDIT: There is another part at around 3:53 where a white Ken player throws him and the green Ken does it again. Would it be easy to do that one also? If not, then it’s cool.

This is the best that I could come up with.

zoomed in