Request : Animated sprites of Ryu in X-Men VS. Street Fighter

Hi! I’m looking high and low for this animated sprite(s) of Ryu I’ve seen in some web sites.
(forgot to save their URL and lost the pics!!!)

Basically, it’s Ryu in his modern cross-over look doing the Shinkuu Hadouken, the Tatsumki kyaku kick and the normal kicks and punches etc.

Anyone know of any sites where I can get them?
One such site I remember is this really large web site that has all the characters of Marvel VS. Capcom 2 and they’ve a darn large archive of each character’s image.

The background of that site is black and all their character artwork appears on the right of the site.

Xeon. could be it, it doesn’t work usually in the afternoons. You can usually get access to it in the early mornings. Just try whenever you want I guess, could work.