[Request] Avatar


I’m an absolute newbie with graphics programs so I would like to request an avatar. Here’s the general requirements:

  • should include (and hopefully is readable) the URL of our fan-site which is “street-fighter.lt” <-- that’s LT at the end, not IT
  • hopefully should be a picture of SF4 Boxer in the background (who I play)
  • the picture should be a BMP or other lossless format in around 500x500 pixels (so I can resize the original one myself for different websites which have various max picture sizes)

We’re trying to start a Lithuanian SF4 community so an avatar like that would help greatly. Thanks!

I think PNG is the best way of saving images, although I could be wrong.

I’m not the graphics guy here, you tell me :smokin:

I think it is, thats what I use at least

Here’s an amateur attempt (ie: my attempt) :d: I tried to use a different Boxer pic. The main image was from HumanTornado (deviantart.com). Suggestions and comments are welcome.


Haha I love it savaii64 :tup: :pray: :rock:

I’ll be using it!

P.S. the avatar size requirements are really tight on srk, but it’s ok since I mainly need to use it on other sites to promote our forum for lithuanians ^^

Here, you can use this on SRK.


Looks great.:tup:

:u: Thanks aberz! You’re a good example to follow.

playing a song for savaii64

“You’re the best! Aroouund! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!”


Glad to help! UberThanks for the song! listens to said song on ipod

Hey savaii64, just letting you know, that there’s a really small but a chance that your avatar will end up on the 2nd issue of an e-sports magazine we have here in Lithuania ( http://www.estars.lt ). We were offered to do a 2 page interview + it’s a great opportunity to expose lithuanians to SF4!
I’m so proud lol.

Whoa. Well if it goes though, good shit to you and savaii.

HOLY SHIZNIT! That is awesome! I really hope you guys get it man! Keep us updated. :party:

Do you mean my AV Style? If so, then thanks got the compliment dood :smiley: :lovin::lovin::lovin: (No Homo)

Thats exactly what I meant :wgrin::lovin::wgrin: no homo

I’ve submitted the interview, photo and the avatar/logo 3 days ago :slight_smile:

Not sure when the magazine is though, will post as soon as it’s out :china:

AWESOME! (sorry for the all caps but that really is awesome) Congrats to you Ozpa. I am glad to be a part of it.