Request battles for Fight for the Future Cup!

Hey guys,

In a few weeks at Denjin we are going to be running a 5 on 5 called the Fight for the Future Cup and we want to do request battles as done with babanpaku. If there are any matches you’d like to see from any socal 3s players, from the past (FFA days), or present please post up and we will try to get them organized. All request battles that take place will be recorded for all to see. Thanks!

Let me be the first to say that’s an awesome idea. It may help re-spark interest in the american 3s scene.

I would like to request a match between Edma (Ken) and Frankie3s (Ryu) if possible. I think that would be interesting to see.

Victoly that is all.

ive never seen vic vs vinny i think thatd be pretty sick.

ReNiC(AL) vs Pherai(GO)


Sex-Taro(MA) vs Frankie3S(RY)


Hey pherai, do you want to use the channel for the matches?

Frankie3S vs 5star
VictoLy vs. anyone

Nice initiative, Pherai! (And everyone else involved) – It’s appreciated! :slight_smile:

… Awesome. Some obvious stuff could be:

Pyrolee vs. Amir
Victoly vs. Frankie3s
5star vs. Vinny
Ken I vs. Arlieth
Valle vs. Watson

Wanna see some Hungbee action as well!

yi v vinny best ken
bean v pyro best yun
pherai v jr rod best gouki
funhouse v fabio’s mansion best mirrors

Pyro vs Vinny Old school vs new school

how about a 3v3 of the Norcal SBO team Ricky, Emphy, ROM vs Socal’s team of Pyro, Ken I, and 5 star

Rock vs Gootecks
Kai vs Vinny

I’m glad to see so much interest! We are really trying to pull in everyone from the old FFA days, but I regret to say, one person I can guarantee who won’t be there is Frank. Sorry guys, we’d all love to see him there :sad:

Shend, I’ll probably hit you up about details as the event gets closer. Thanks man!

If only frankie could be there I would request a 2v2…




hungbee vs anyone. does he even play anymore?

I request pherai vs 50 bottles of landshark

i request rom vs a 25yard run

I’d sooner go up against 50 bottles of landshark than 10 minutes of hanging out with rom :tup:

Jesus 3:16

because those 10 minutes would be me raping your gouki in 3s for freeeeee :lame::party::china:

JR vs. Vic
Bean vs. Pyro
Renic vs. 5 Star

Rom vs pyro.