Request: Blackheart images of any/all sorts!


im looking to do a collage of Blackheart for arcade stick art… but have fallen a bit short on the images. I HAVE SEARCHED, ive searched on here, fightersgen, yahoo and google for any images/sprites/comic artwork for this project. had some gifs, but not many sprites, only a couple. and the yahoo/google images are few and far between, mostly the same winning pose from the games. i could use some of the gifs i have seen, but im not sure how to freeze frame a gif to make it a picture, so that i can photoshop and whatnot.

so anyone know of or have any sprite packs, or where i can get more sprites or pics at all of blackheart???


Dig through that collection I uploaded. I’m pretty sure there’s some BH stuff. And if you’re going to use the images for stick art, I would suggest not using sprites, quality would be awful.

Also could try looking at …


while im downloading your file… theres some good stuff on that deviant art site, some of that fan art is great… anyways… why not use sprites, what is good to use?