REQUEST: Capcom & SNK Collage....


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REQUEST: Capcom & SNK Collage…
I was wondering is any creative person would be able to make a COLLAGE consisting of Capcom GAME characters (SF, Marvel, etc) and SNK game characters (KOF, Metal slug, etc.)

The reason I’m requesting a collage is because I’m getting an ARCADE machine built and I’d like an AWESOME overlay for the JOYSTICK PANEL. I’d probably take the collage to the printers and get it put on to vinyl for the overlay.

If anyone is willing to take up this task, I REALLY appreciate it. I don’t mind is the collage is made up ENTIRTELY of sprites or offical artwork from CApcom or SNK, I just would like it to look cohesive.
Some COOL sprite rips/collages can be seen at:

Thanks to anyone that can help out.