Request- El Fuerte needs some love


So I have had the Batsu image for a while, and I finally decided to main El Fuerte in SFIV, figured a great avatar to go along with it would be great.

Only things I want on it: regular sized, the Scribblenauts El Fuerte somewhere on the image (I like the look), as well as AYO?! in the bottom right corner. Other than that you have free reign to do what you want.

Scribblenauts image: (Fuerte is in the bottom row next to Rose looking pimp.) If you can make it flashy (bright and colorful) that would be great, but I’m not very picky.

If the image needs to be taken down that I linked let me know, don’t know the policy with them.


I’ll do one for ya :china: Still want one?

Edit: Done.