Request: Evo DVD Covers and labels

Can someone with photoshop skills make some dvd covers and labels for the evo dvd’s (especially mvc2). I think that this is something that others besides myself would appreciate also. Thanks.

Bump. If this interests anybody else, just give it a bump so there is more incentive for people to make some covers and labels.

Can you be more specific as to what you want the labels and covers to look like?

Well I sort of wanted the creator to put his/her own artistic spin on it but for the label, I’d at least want it to say EVO (year optional), game name (ex: MvC2), and possibly a staredown of the characters (ex: spiral vs. mag). For the covers, same thing but with a match list on the back and maybe screens? Haha, I could go on forever. Oh, and thanks for replying.

i thought they came with covers and shit when you buy them

think he’s talking about the ones from this year that you download through bittorrent. They didn’t sell them, they gave them away.

that would be pretty sweet if they sold dvd-rs with cases with box art, for those that are on 56k, or without dvd burners.

Id myself would by a dvd or 2, probably marvel and 3s.

Yeah, Level 3 pretty much summed it up.

Edit: Thanks for the bumps.

Edit 2: That sounded weird but you know what I mean.

Bump! The MvC2 DVD is moving again. Hopefully someone will finish some labels before it’s fully seeded.

What size???

Yeah I’ve been asking for the 2005 covers, and inkblot said he’d upload them like 2 months ago, and guess what? You got it!

@ Noraj:

1.) If you’re asking about size because you’re concerned about resolution issues, it doesn’t really matter for me because I have a program that adjusts the size of the images. So you can make it as big as you want for resolution’s sake but I’d want it to be in proportion when it is in a circle. By that I mean not overly stretched out lengthwise or widthwise when I place the image on a dvd.

2.) If you’re asking about the size of text and characters on a label or cover, that’s up to you.

3.) If it’s the sizing for the cover, I’d want it to fit in a standard DVD type cover and NOT a CD or slim DVD type cover.

Thanks ahead of time and let me know if you have anymore questions.

@ Snowman:

Where can I find the 2005 covers? Thanks.

They don’t exist, like most promises made on this forum they were never uploaded. If they were ink never posted about them since. I don’t try and nag about it since you never really get a responce either.

Man, that sucks. Some original EVO covers would’ve been nice. Thanks for the heads up though. Don’t worry, I’m sure the custom ones will be just as awesome if not more. (more awesome?) lol w/e.