REQUEST: Fight Stick image

I have browsed around and have seen some beautiful art work. I have a request. I am going to order a MadCatz SE fightstick soon and I will be rebuilding the buttons and the stick. However, I can’t choose my color scheme untill I’ve chosen my background! So if, anyone with artistic skills and do me a huge favor and help me with making a template, that would be AWESOME. Heck, even if you link me a place where i can download other people’s templetes that would be great.

I will take a picture of the finished product once I’ve built it.

here’s the link to the templates

Thank you.

here’s what I like to see (if possible, im open to anything really. You can pick one, or all doesn’t matter, these are just some of my favorate things) PS. I really like the designs of the ink splatter around the buttons lol:

Iron man,
Anything marvel really,
StreetFight of course
Speed Racer
Halo, Mass Effect… etc.

Thank you again for helping!