Request for a extended TE Metroid template - Pic inside

Hello everyone,
I am fairly new here but so far this site full of helpful and very talented people. I came across this Metroid picture below and would love to use it for a full extended plexi glass on my TE stick. If someone can make the template for me it would be very appreciated. Thanks for any help in advance.:smile:

May want to try Image Mishmash subforum.

Ok thank you kind sir

Exmachina offered to help but accidently made it in a SE template instead of a TE.
If its not too much too ask it would be great if someone who knows what they are doing with photoshop can put this togethere for me. I have no idea even after tampering with the mockup.psd and artwork.psd as to what I am doing wrong so this would be a big help. Thanks again