Request for a Prem AV (KoF Ralf)

Depending on how well things come out, I’m looking for a Prem Ralf avatar.

I’d like it to be animated, and simply say “WHO!?!” then an explosion, then “RALF JONES!” Flashing a picture of Ralf at the end.

Any explosion from here would be fine as reference

And a zoomed in face shot of this

would also be nice for the picture flash at the end.

I realize the file size would be fairly large, hence why I’m asking for premium sized. If it looks awesome, I’ll get premium, and you’ll be the first person I rep :tup:

I’m also not opposed to anyone putting their own flair on any of it, it’s more for a joke friends and I have (Which I’m sure a few other folks have made as well).

How this?

That’s pretty awesome, although I don’t know what a mercanary is? Maybe just…

“You guys hear about that new guy in town?”

it’s based on this really shitty rapper named Mike Jones, hence why it’s “WHO!?!?!” “RALF JONES!”

A mercenary (or merc for short) is a soldier who fights for any nation or state without being constrained by the said nation/state’s laws. Basically, what Heidern and the rest of the Ikari Warriors are.

IMO, I think it sounds a bit funnier in that regard, considering that: 1) They don’t know who it is. 2). They’d be shocked by the word “mercenary” being easily mentioned.

But I can fix it with the other quote if you want.

Like so:

Also fixed the first one for a slight spelling mistake:

No I know what it means, just not down with it being spelled wrong… -_-;

Otherwise it’s great, it’s just hard to be tactile on the internet