Request for evilken's fatality sprites(help with your sprite skills)

can some do some sprites for me

(evilken)-he goes into ken’s hk grab off mvc2,example of sprites he goes into it the first knee in the stomach blood shoots out,second a piece of liver shoots out from his back.then he speeds up with it at that time blood and bloods start shooting out.(all this will blood and stuff will be coming from victims back cause he getting knee in stomach.THis is a fatality
me and some team members are making mortal kombat vs streetfighter and making mortal kombat chars capcom style.So do these sprites of evilken doing this fatality i would really appreciate it.
by doing this you would be helping by speedong up the our project


oh make ryu or guile as the victim

Thanks again.:cool:

your doing Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter for MUGEN. Wow. You can get the screenpack from

Your not making the characters, your just compiling the game i’m assuming.

Also, making a fatality is a hell of alot of work. Pay me and I’ll do it.

yea im helping with ideas also this dude name skitzzzz came came up with this fatality i just posted up im going to aim him
later on cause hes learning doing sprites hisself and making mugen chars button format mvc2 style aim him at (skitttzzz) and he will give you details about anything you want to know on the progess.:cool: i catch him on aim like 3:00 after school though 10:00 at night so anyways can some make these sprites for me. i really want very badly

about paying sorry man this is not a flamm but hell naw:lol: dont mean nothing by it but we doing this for the love of the game.:cool: also by helping with the sprites when it comes out you yourself can bragg or knowing you help create the game.know what i mean.anyways see ya!:cool:

thats a hell of a request… thats gonna be hard to pull off and it will take a lot of time… i dunno if anyone will do it

hey its still cool :cool: