Request for exhaustive ryu combo thread



Ive been lurking for a few months now and I know Im probably crazy late to the party but Im begging for someone to make a ryu combo thread to rival the evil ryu combo thread. The evil ryu combo thread literally has 5 pages worth of combos organized by situation. Im just begging for a proper sticky for those of us who wanna play vanilla ass, human heart possessing cornball ass normal ryu.


cr. forward xx hadoken…
there’s your thread…


There really isn’t much you need to know with Ryu. I just counted the ones I use. And almost half of them I rarely use. Really situational or just for style., c.lp, sweep/hp dp (just depends on the range and/or how many light attacks it took me to hit confirm. If I’m range for it, I dp, if not, I sweep. Usually. Some MUs you just wanna sweep all the time), c.lp, c.hp xx tatsu (pushes them to the corner, and better damage than the above combo), c.hp tatsu/hp dp (punish)
f.hp xx dp (hp version…or medium if you want to fadc to ultra)
f.hp, c.hp xx tatsu (punish) xx fireball xx ex fireball, fadc, ultra 1 (hit confirm/punish)

There’s 7 combos and they’re all you need. You can do some fadc combos and stuff for a little more damage, but you’re Ryu. You don’t need to and you’re much scarier with full meter. Super punishes everything and if you can learn to consistently hit confirm that last combo I listed, your footsies get really scary. And it’s best to go for with 4 bars. I usually get my hit confirm off the second one as they’re walking back in to get to me. If I try with three I’ve gotta let them back in to build a meter before I can try again.

What combos should a newcomer to the game learn?

Dannkk i’ve tried xx ex fireball, fadc, ultra 1 (hit confirm/punish) and can only hit when they are in the corner never in the middle of the screen, any help?


Fadc is only for midscreen. In the corner you get ex hadoken to ultra 1 as a link… You may have to fadc ultra 1 faster. Keep practicing and look up vids on youtube. Iirc, there are a ton of tutorials for that particular combo, they just aren’t for ultra. The version of sf4 shouldn’t matter, the combo is humanly impossible to notice the difference between versions…


great im doing it too slow!!! back to the drawing board