Request for implementation of BO3, FT3, BO5, FT5, BO10, FT10 rulesets for SSFIV:AE ver 2012

Actually, not just for AE v.2012, but in most FG games in the future.

I just wrote a small thread in the “Ask Capcom” Capcom-Unity forums requesting the opinion of the game designers and overall community about implementing this rulesets in fighting games.

You cand find the whole text, which I hope you find a few minutes of your time to read, on:,_FT3,_BO5,_FT5,_BO10,_FT10_rulesets_for_fighting_games&post_num=1#506226013

So, as I say in my last line, I’d like to know what the people think about the idea, and the people I have generally found most helpful and contributive to the FG community are the one in the SRK forums. Please, just tell me what you think, and don’t have mercy with me if you think this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever read.

By the way, if you think this is worth having in a FG game, please head over to the Capcom-Unity forums and let them know. If there’s a good number of people who likes this, we can make them know this way.

Thanks for your time.

I do like the idea, though given the reliability of the whole “Ask’em online” thing. I don’t envision much getting done.