Request For Oro Combo Video (KYSG style)

I searched around and it seemed like KYSG who made those legendary combo videos for 3s is done with them, as in not making anymore… He released his unfinished work for Yang and Dudley a few months ago. It is such a shame because his combo video for Oro would be the most epic of them all, EX SA2 finishers, 60 hit Tengu Stone combos and what not. I saw that some people here made combo videos but Oro has not had one, there is even a KYSG style Hugo one. Anyone here know enough and have enough time for an Oro combo vid project?

I’m an Oro major and i’ve found some new resets I have yet to see in match footage, and i’m experimenting with EX tengu resets, I might give it a shot when I get a capture card in the near future.