Request for Premium Animated AV w/gamertag

Hi guys,

If anyone has a little spare time to make me a new premium AV i’d appreciate it.

I’d like something either Spiderman or Guilty Gear themed (my fav character is chipp). Please do some sort of animation and feel free to use any artwork you please.

My GT is KYJellyDonut.

My sincerest thanks!!! :rock:

No takers at all? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Still nuttin?

You gotta work the crowd man!

Heh, I’m trying! haha

I’m open to any interpretations anyone wants to give.

That Is Awesome!!!

i couldn’t think up any ideas for a spider-man av, so i did this one.

it’s really just a simple av, but i’m glad i could be of help. :cool:

It looks great, thank you so much, I appreciate it!