Request for tattoo design

As of now, I’m in lovely Germany for a work trip and I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for a while. What better place to get it but here right, but I’m having troubles sketching the design. I would make the design myself using PS but unfortunately the business computers at work don’t allow me to install any programs onto them. I’m asking for anyone’s help with this matter and before I go into specs I would like to see if I could get someone to do the work for me. It should be a real simple image to do and I can supply all pictures and specifications after I find someone who can do it for me. Thanks ahead of time.

what type of design are you looking for?
check out the image gallery on my site to see samples of my work…

u still in germany…im chilin in Spain now foo…hows the fight club ???

Big fucking pimpin’, what’s the deal. Yeah I’m still in Germany and it’s totally different this time around. We have alot less people here (bout 15-17 people per night) and the work load is cut down quite a bit as well. As for fight club, I kinda didn’t go at all the first month and a half cuz I had something else going on but now I hit it up every so often. Shoot me an email and let me know how things are going.