Request GHZ thread limit 5


Ok I feel like i should bust out photoshop and do something.

-Avs and Some Tags Only
-NO avhogs (thats a no no)
-I don’t like doing teamavs but i’ll do if i feel like it
-I might do animation avs if I feel like doing your request
-Give me quaility pictures to use or i can just find a picture of a person you want
-If you request avs w/ sprites. i will need the link or attach.
-Like drugs, if i dont like your av idea. I will just say no.
-If you don’t like you av, i will fix it only once.

-Neveah <3

1 TigerGenocide
2 ytwojay
3 Ninja Gaiden l
4 AlphaDragoon02
5 AsianDemon


do you take tag requests? if so imma make it laterz… so save me the # 5 slot;)… cuz i still gotta wait till my holding period is over…


What’s up, decided to take requests for the hell of it? If you’ll do it I’d like one of Ky from GGXX (the sprite’s already attached), in a blue and white sort of deal. I’d like to have an av by someone else other than me for a change. :slight_smile:


a man, can I get a tag perhaps? Put me up on slot #4 if so. I attached the pic.

-thnx in advanced


Can I get an av/tag set of something creepy? Something really dark/grungy would be awesome.

Btw, your name is tight.


Can you make me a tag of this pic and these lyrics?

when the hills of Los Angeles are burnin’
palm trees are candles in the murder wind
so many lives are on the breeze
even the stars are ill at ease
and Los Angeles is burnin’

No bigger that 460 x 80 please. Black and red color scheme, maybe animate the lyrics in it, fade or something. Mainly I want the guy in the middle to be visible, blur or fade the others/blend them in the bg, that kinda thing. Thanks if you can do it!


k… everyones request is good.

I will post all of them by late night monday-late night tuesday


damn, im too late…oh well i still love the b-day tag you made me…btw thats u in the pic aint it?


Alright, don’t spam the thread up, if you didn’t know, Giga is a chick. Go wack it in silence and leave it at that.


okay i got it… i want some sort of space/tech tag… about 350x80px… colors: orange or blue or white… which ever… if you can do this… but really whatever you want really…

-excuse me- oh yeah… GigAHertZ is a hootttt rocker chick - - oh yeah… find a pic of you if needed…:lol: … naawwww…

EDIT: i said naw… but i didnt say no…:o


There are lame asses who’d do that? :confused:

Anyways, thanks for doing it Giga.


Yes, I had to delete a bunch of posts.


Damn…I repeat, lame asses. :rolleyes:


:is waiting to see some cool stuff:


yes that picture is me.
but yea… i need tag sizes for ninja gaiden and ytwojay


Something along the lines of 450x85 would be nice.


400 x 74 should do.


ok… done with 3… gonna be finished with everything on tues morning :wink:

i’ll post them before i go to school




Awww she made a heart, thats so cute.