Request: Hi-Res SF3:3S Logo


Iv bin looking for a hi-res 3s logo for quite some time now. the best one I have come across is a image on
Thought Its not what I would refer to as “hi-res” it looks like a image scaned/shoped from a poster or cover.

Im happy as long as its bigger then 1000x600pix and it doesnt look like its bin scande/uppscaled.

Hope you, my fellow srk’s will hear my plea :slight_smile:


comeon, some one most have something? :smiley:

PS. Sorry fpr duble poste :smokin:

They helped me out when I was looking for stuff

Thanks, but I have already looked thru all the post in the “Image Mishmash” section on srk and the links posted in them :confused:


Come on.

Dont care if its bigger then 1000x600, just as long as Its bigger then this image and has better quality

btw, forgot to say that it should have white background.

this is the best i could do. all i did was run 3S on my computer at full screen, took a screenshot, and cleaned up the image a little.

if you want something better, you should ask someone who has the arcade cabinet art for 3S to scan the logo for you.

Yeah, I couldn’t find any high-res 3S logos either.

Only a bigass SFIV one. :confused:

I knew I had it somewhere, exact same image as you posted but at 2000x960px

link removed and replaced

Wow. Big thanks u guys :smiley:
especially you stre[e]ak and The Furious One.
If nothing better comes along I think that someone with some photoshop skills could freshen up the big image you posted The Furious One.

So if there is any one here with some photoshop skills. Please make the big image look better.

//Best Regards Crimson4649

create a duplicate layer of the logo, lower layer apply “gaussian blur” filter at 2 px. Set upper layer to blend style to “Darken”. Lock and merge layers. Reduce image size to what you need, it should look better now.

My comp detected a virus from that link.

link isnt working for me for some reason.
Uploaded to image shack

wow. you lost me at “create a duplicate layer” :smiley:
if its that simple could you please do it then?

How this? I applied a filter to the one streak posted in photoshop.

well. i was googleing on “street fighter” when I come across this image:

Out of that image I was able to make this image:

Have to say that I personally think this is the best image posted so far!

Yeah, I think that’s best res and quality you’re going to get. I think it looks the best too.

If anyone has the street fighter art book, they can just scan it at super high res and upload it.

that would be nice

I have capcom design works, which has a logo collection, I’ll scan it in later.