Request(It Pays!)


Hi, I need help on modding my Madcatz SE fighstick.

I have no art and I lack the prowess to make some!

Here are 2 designs that I want(you could choose either one)

1: The Jaguar Stick

I would like this image in the background (hopefully with the ship stage removed)

In the bottom left I would like this to be there. It should reach from the bottom to the bottom of the dust washer

I would like for a quote of Adon’s to be somewhere on the stick

This quote please “You’ll pay for dissapointing me!”

I know that the Jaguar stick is a bit too restrictive so please make any changes that could improve the art.

If your looking for a more freeform job here is the second request

2: Sakura Stick

I would like a sakura stick using this art and anything else(not hentai) that you can find

here is the picture I want

it could be small or big or whatever as long as its on the stick

I will also pay* anyone who can send me a copy that is lemi-labelled and ready to apply on my SE stick

*payment options will be discussed further, also you do not get paid just for creating the template.

Thanks in advance!