[Request] JLF-P1 mounting plate measurements


can someone post the measurements for the JLF-P1 mounting plate.

since it’s going to be awhile before i’m able to order a JLF-TP-8T… i would like to get my holes drilled and in place in anticipation for my new joystick.

thank you


thanks, but

this doesn’t help since the plate thats measured on slagcoins is not the P1


unfortunatly Per took down all the stick on his site akihabarashop.jp

it has all the measurements for every mounting plate on every stick

i’d suggest you ask per directly to get it.

or you can wait till the 23rd


Like this one? http://www.flickr.com/photos/56701743@N00/3368205437/in/set-72157615645412918/


thanks voltech

twinniss, i was counting on using his site… but alas all gone for now.

i got what i needed… thank you all


I’m just glad I got them before all hell broke loose and your welcome :smiley: