Request Magneto Noob Training Regimine


I’ve read a lot of the intro magneto threads and they all contain a great wealth of information, however, I was wondering if anyone could maybe put together a short (or long if you desire) training regimine that goes through all the magneto essentials ,and maybe a few advanced ideas, in a progressive manner for a Magneto and MvC2 noob. Something that says: ‘start from this base, master this, then move onto this, and then when you master that add this onto it,’ slowing building to near master level etc. Of course, since there are many advanced aspects to mastering Magneto’s technical play, one may have to have several small starting points in which to build from, but hopefully as the person masters them, they can all come together to create the final form of solid Magneto play–and if nothing else, at least equip the person with everything he or she would need to do self study of higher level Magneto masteries.

Thank-you in advance.


Training for Execution: IMO the order you should be learning shit

2 buttons:
I would start off getting familiar with his dash cancelling on the ground. When playing high level, you NEED to be able to travel because sometimes theres only a split second when you have an opening thats necessary. ie: playing against cable or santhrax teams (really hard to touch them). Mastering two button execution is magneto’s key as his gameplan is filled with fash cancels, air dashes, ROMing, supers ETC.

OTG/Juggles:,, AAA hits,,
Seeing how psylocke is an important part to match ups against different teams, you need to consistently get down the unrollable juggle. Pros will get this almost every single time. After the you can hypergrab on non big characters, or sj. cancel the in to rom. If you initiate the combo with a two hit jump in, then i would do the sjc method. If you hypergrab, its free combo for whatever you want besides a 5 fierce.

5 Fierce: launch, hp, addf, hp, hk /
easy high damaging combo. AFter learning this, practice Resets. if you notice, it puts them in FS and they are not able to roll. This leaves 4 options. Attack high, low, or a crossed up High/low. Now you can do this with magneto, or via assist.

ROM: launch, hk, addf, lk, lk / [,, addf,,]
Necessity. When you’ve got a jumping opponent, they’re asking to get guard broken or caught with a random If the opponent is airborn after a random jump, chances are they’re going to block if you attack straight up. Use magnetos dash speed to cross up under them and then go for a Mix it up even more by crossing up and tri-jumping.

I’ve noticed myself the most effective way to reset is using every single damn reset you know and the different variations they have. Resets are random, so PLAY RANDOM. you can’t be predicted if they don’t know what the fuck you’re gonna do. even if they know you’ll reset, they dont know when or where. Some people like to mash on buttons or jump to prevent resets, there are a few that cant be ruined by somebody mashing a lk or jumping.

Realize your matchups:
If the opponent doesnt have an ANTI-AIR, then just go crazy. RUSH THAT SHIT THE FUCK DOWN. If they have an anti-air, then you must play calm. Magneto is not a zoner and does not have long range moves. This is when you’d mash to build meter. Double whiff a couple tri-jump hp’s and then SJ and mash hp’s air dash up or foward mash more HPs. Try and get them to attack you and have a game plan ready for when they do attack. If they won’t budge, then you gotta play real smart. Find the opening and use it.

If somebody is sj’ing alot, then try and cause FS action so they you have a free reset/mixup. BUt don’t be stupid, realize who has more priority in the air and only attack if its safe. Magneto is about being safe until you get that hit, then abuse everything you’ve learned in training mode.

i started mashing lk when the rom was being done against me, it prevents most resets. although, i was at the arcade the other day, mashing lk during the inf, and he screwed up, but it reset because i wasn’t mashing fast enough.

keep practing the ROM until u can get to 40 hits everytime. There is no exscuse the mess up a ROM once u master it.

get used to automatically dashing if u ever connect a jump in. as in

tri-jump hk, land dash in c.hp sj. hk into ROM.

u only have a split second to jump in and hit them land and dash in. its almost instant.

storm is my second character so what i do is , go into rom and when it gets to around 40 hits do magnetic tempest XX Hailstorm. does like 100 damage. plus u will have meter from the infinite. OR u could try and go for the HG xx MT

and another thing i noticed is that once i got good at using the arcade controls, going back to playing at home actually set me back in terms of execution. so now when i play at home i just use random teams but i only use magneto in the arcade cuz my fingers are just used to using magneto and i dont want to loose that

yo bluehaze,

i learned the ROM by accident by always practicing this…
standing HK launch,super jumping lk, lk, airdash down, lk lk, land, repeat… on the three big guys…sent, blackheart, juggs…

then it was natural to start sj lk lk, dash down lk lk repeat after the first rep of the other combo above.

Always look out for which moves and assists make you opponent juggle into the air like after one of your assists hits them and they kind of juggle in the air for a spilt sec before hitting the ground. dash in and get em with a sj lk lk, dash down lk lk repeat.

Most basic stuff was covered…so…

Umm…easy 2x snapout is the only reason i use magneto. Other than that storm is just as good IMO.

Rush is essential to learn but dont abuse it.
Learn to watch for Guard Cancel.
Live for rom (reset if needed) into double snapout.
Learn the unblockable corner resets.
Appreciate the fact you can instantly framekill DHC.
Love the priority of your sj. FP
Master guard breaks.

Im sorry, but untill you can rom someone to the wall, kill them in one combo, and guard break the next char into the rom, mags isnt really all that great, unless you catch the 2x snapout. He has speed, but is at a range disatvantage over the other top tier. So yeah…

rom > unmashable > guard break > rom > unmashable > guard break > rom > unmashable = victory.

^dont ever mess this up once or youll hate yourself for your poor execution for all eternity.

After that, learn resets so you can kill people before they dizzy/without using supers. At this point resets are a risky mind game that can be somewhat humiliating due to the speed at which people get owned. Eventually, they become the backbone of your strategy, because alot of people try to use assists to cover a messed up rom. A good reset leads them calling the assist into a 2x snapout.

If you land a hit, in theory, you win. It isnt always safe to attempt landing hits though, so be wary of opposing priority and range. Other than that, look to when they call their assists to setup a good 2x snapout. If mags gets low on life, its easy to get him out safely. Those are your main strengths.