Request: MVC1 one-sided pics of MVC2 characters


What I mean by it is that for example: can someone make a one-sided MVC pic of Guile or Ken?
This is what I’m talking about :

I have seen this type of thing on another forum, and I fought it was cool. Someone did a MVC one-sided edits of Guile, Ken, and Sean (from Street Fighter 3) I know it is possible to do it, because I saw it during the summer. Pity I couldn’t have saved it. I mean, besides, I have seen fake SVC pics of Dudley, Lucky, Billy Kane, etc… out there.

So in other words, do you think you can maybe take one of those images in the link, maybe put it into a sprite-editing program, and edit/create/make it into almost any character?

If you know what I’m talking about. Here’s what I want:

Iron Man
Tron Bonne
Son Son
and so on.

In fact, everyone in Marvel vS Capcom 2 that’s not in the original MVC.

What I want to do is just make a collection. THat’s all. I know it’s possible. I just hope there’s someone out there that can do it.

And take your time, it doesn’t have to all be done in one day.

I’m really serious about this. Here’s the link to the MVC2 characters just in case you need help with it:

Just try to do the best you can. I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s good at this stuff. Someone at another forum told me it’s really easy to edit them and make them into almost any character.