Request- Naruto Av


I’m not sure if this is even how I go about doing this. I’ve had the same av for a year and a half, so I’m sure things have changed, but I think it’s finally time for a change.

I’d like to request an av with the Naruto character, Shikamaru in it. I’ve provided the pic that I want in the av, so everything else is just up to whoever wants to do it. I’d like the av to have cold colors in it, like a dark blue or green or something, and a small Konoha mark in there somewhere (Naruto fans should know what I mean).

Whoever does this for me, thanks in advance, and make it look dope. Who knows, it might be up for a year and a half too.


whats good havok its been a while youc hillin man


What’s going on man? It has been a loooong ass time. How’s the Decep crew?

I’m chillin in VA. Haven’t been back in NYC since last May. I need to get back up there to get my ass kicked at CF. I haven’t played against real people in so long, you could probably beat me now.:lol:


HAHHAHAHHA lol hahaha that was funny so you were hear last may ohh man you shoudl stoped by CF or something the decep crew has split up to a certain extent like micheal isn’t part of it anymore and niether is jack but we got new members but they are not as good. but we are still owning so thats cool how is VA is it poppin up there.


this is a bit off topic but…

havoc911: do u remember who made ur current av?


No more Mike? Too bad. Pungza still fuckin shit up?

VA is wack as fuck. There’s mad hos though.

O.C.K.- My current av was made by the incomparable Burning Fist.


for real mad hot hoes lol thats cool so i guess you are enjoying yourself you alwasy like the girls more than games yeah no more mike but pungza is still down he fell off though i am second best on team deccepicons now javi is first lame ass lol well peace yo keep it gully lol.:cool: when do you come down again i’m up in college right now so i am not in da city either only timei go is on breaks.


I’ll take this one, if you want. Be back in awhile.


Here it is. Hope you like it.


nice work man,the pic blends in with the bg.



I love it. Thanks a lot. That’s just perfect.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: