OK, So I wanted to post something funny on a site, but I can’t, because I suck with photoshop. Looking for someone with any skill to help me. There’s this chick no one likes (see below) so I was browsing SRK and seen this guys Avatar… I want to put them together. I need someone to replicate this guys avatar, but using the picture.

All I want is her mouth opened up, like the avatar. This chick is like the supreme fake!

Anyway, that’s my request. If someone can do this, It would be appreciated.


bump. Pls help? :sad:


What avatar? Or you just want her mouth ‘photoshopped’ open? This is gonna sound like an asshead move, but I won’t do it. I’m just tryin’ to clarify it for others who might be willing too.

Note: Why won’t I do it? I don’t know this chick…but you know what they say about pron stars. That’s someone’s daughter…that’s someone’s daughter. LoL.

Edit: I see the avatar now…either it didn’t load for shi’ on my computer or you just put it up. Either way…Cadbury Eggs are fuggin’ bomb yo. Trust that!