Request of dis avatar

I wanna say thx to Mechanica for recently making me my first avatar. Although i wanna make dis one avatar cuz dis idea is stuck in my head. First, if you can take a section of dis and make it the background.

Second, take the kakashi out of dis pic.

Third, take the gai out of dis pic.

Fourth, put the kakashi pic & gai pic together so dat it looks like gai is kicking kakashi. Fifth, take the gai & kakashi pic and put it on the background. Lastly if u can blurr the pic or make it flashing would be tyte. oh, one more thing…don’t forget to put my name so place w/ a border. I hope it’s not asking to much, but i would appreciate it if someone could make dis one. :pleased:

I guess no one wants to make dis. well, can someone make something for me by using these pics? plz?