REQUEST: Old xerocrew combos / glitch videos

Hey everyone

I know there are some video collectors here and I was wondering if anyone might have any old xerocrew videos from back in the day?

Xerocrew was me, Kim (Ohayo1234) and Ricky Ortiz, back in the SVGL/Early evo days we started making combo videos for games like a3, mvc2, 3s, cvs1 and cvs2. (2000-2003)

I don’t play anymore and me and Kim were just googling/youtubing and found the cvs2 glitch and combo video and was curious if anyone has any other videos other than those? It would be fun(ny) to see them again, it’s been so long I can’t even remember the shit we did lol.

If anyone could possibly hook me up or upload them to youtube that would be dope.

i remember some sick ken custom where it was like dp xx dash, dp xx dash, etc etc


those fools are sick!

I have some, unfortunately, at the time i didn’t keep any organization other than “CvS2 combos disc 1 of 999” So if you remember some filenames or got a list of how many were there, that’d be a lot of help.

EDIT: Found these so far:

Remember anymore? =P